Lighting, Audio, Video, and Design Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The demands on theaters are diverse, serving various purposes for different audiences. They must seamlessly transition from hosting engaging lectures to lively concerts and immersive theatrical experiences. Our expertise lies in designing and specifying equipment, control systems, and infrastructure that guarantees the clarity of your performers’ voices, the visibility of your content, and the adaptability of your space to meet the lighting, audio, visual, and control requirements of any performance.

Performance Lighting

Performance lighting technology is constantly changing, as is the demand for its use in all kinds of theatrical spaces. Our goal is to design lighting systems and infrastructure that is the right fit for your space, while giving users flexibility to change where and how they light the room, according to their programming needs.

Audio and Communications Systems

Multipurpose spaces often accommodate different performance types. We design these rooms to have adjustable acoustics to meet the needs of each purpose — ensuring your every note and spoken word of your performers are heard, your presentation is seen, and your space has the flexibility to support the audio, visual, and control demands of any performance.


Let us help you capture the experiences and the content you’re creating. We design performance spaces not only for live performances, but also to make and share the experience. We provide the guidance and the design to ensure you have everything you need, now, and in years to come.

Theatrical Design Planning

There is no job too big or too small. We have the planning and expertise to accommodate for any size space or need. We can assist in virtually any stage of the process, whether stepping in to help complete a project already underway, or in the early stages of presenting budget proposals for your project, we are here to help you to create an environment that feels unique, immersive, and interactive.

Theater planning and lighting solutions for a stage.
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