Theater planning and lighting solutions for a stage.

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Revolutionizing the approach to theatre design and planning

At Light A Stage, we are passionate about creating captivating experiences through innovative audiovisual solutions and spectacular theatre design. As industry-leading theatrical lighting and A/V consultants, we specialize in bringing events, productions, and spaces to life with our expertise and creativity. What differentiates us is our strong technical expertise and commitment to ensure seamless planning and execution.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a live performance, or a cutting-edge installation, we have the skills and knowledge to transform your vision into reality.

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Whether you are in the initial planning stages of a multi-purpose theatre performance space, or in the midst of theatre planning gone awry, we have the experience and the tools to get you on track for your next big show.

Theatre Design Consulting Services

We provide expertise and peace of mind at each step of the process to guide you through a seamless theatre design experience.

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1. Space Planning and Design

Creating a performance venue is intricate and complex, demanding expertise across theater, architecture, acoustics, and engineering. Our comprehensive consulting and design services encompass all facets of site planning, venue design, and function. We aim to craft spaces that go beyond functionality and efficiency, aiming for vibrancy, inclusivity, and seamless flow. Our designs prioritize ease of use and elevating the performer and spectator experience. We create unforgettable experiences that shape ideas, spark joy, and build human connections.

2. Procurement Services

Let us help you get exactly what you need at a competitive price!

Quality lighting, audio, and video equipment is essential to any event, performance, or production. Getting them right can make or break the entire experience. Our extensive industry expertise and contacts ensure that you’re not only getting the best quality equipment but also making informed decisions that align with your budget. Light A Stage helps to streamline the entire procurement process, saving you valuable time and effort while guaranteeing that your event dazzles with flawless lighting, crystal-clear audio, and immersive video.

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3. Performance Lighting | Audio | Video
Consulting & Design Services

The demands on theaters are diverse, serving various purposes for different audiences. They must seamlessly transition from hosting engaging lectures to lively concerts and immersive theatrical experiences. Our expertise lies in designing and specifying equipment, control systems, and infrastructure that guarantees the clarity of your performers’ voices, the visibility of your content, and the adaptability of your space to meet the audio, visual, and control requirements of any performance.

Consulting Services Include:

Concept Design & Programming
Building Planning & Space Design
Performance Area Layout
Seating Layouts & Sightlines
Support Space & Technical Area Planning

Case Studies

We have proven methodologies to ensure your theatre design, planning, and construction process is a success.

Adequate ventilation and dust collection systems are vital in scene shops. The creation and maintenance of theatrical props and sets generate significant dust and particulate matter. This case study explores a scenario in which a client overlooked the need for a dust collection system in their scene shop’s support space. Explore how we addressed this oversight to ensure a safe and conducive work environment.

Screen resolution plays a critical role in determining image clarity and overall display quality. This success story illustrates a situation where our client was on the verge of purchasing a video wall with an unsuitable pixel pitch and how our consulting intervention prevented a costly error.

What Our Clients Are Saying

100% of our clients wished they had called us sooner!

“The Light A Stage team worked magic with our shoestring budget! We were able to build the theatre of our dreams when we didn’t think it was possible.”

Theatre Academy Owner

“Light A Stage has been such a lifesaver! I didn’t realize how many different aspects of theater design needed careful consideration. Because of their advice, I was able to avoid many costly oversights.”

Head of School

“Exceptional service and attention to detail! This consulting company took our lighting and AV requirements and turned them into a masterpiece. The team was highly professional, and their recommendations added immeasurable value to our production. The result was a visually stunning and seamless performance. Will definitely collaborate with them for future projects.”

Technical Director

Theater planning and lighting solutions for a stage.
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