Case Studies and Success Stories

Case Study: 01

Proper Support Space for Scene Shop

Avoiding Scene Shop Chaos Through Proper Planning

Challenge: A local theater was undergoing a major renovation and complete rebuild, which included a fully functional scene shop, supporting the construction needs that vary from show to show. Unfortunately, during the initial planning stages, the importance of a dust collection system was underestimated. This omission led to a series of complications, including unexpected costs, delays in making the space usable, and the implementation of suboptimal solutions.

Solution: Faced with these challenges, the theater’s management sought our expertise. Our team quickly identified the root cause of the problems – the absence of a well-planned dust collection system. We devised a comprehensive strategy that integrated an efficient dust collection solution seamlessly into the scene shop’s design.

Outcome: By collaborating closely with the theater’s construction team, LightAStage ensured that the dust collection system was not an afterthought but an integral part of the project. The result? Significant cost savings, as retrofitting the system would have been far more expensive. The space became usable sooner, and the theater avoided the inconvenience of dealing with dust-related issues down the line. The scene shop was now equipped with a top-notch dust collection system, enhancing safety, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Lesson Learned: This case highlights the critical importance of involving experts like LightAStage from the outset of a theater construction project. By doing so, theaters can avoid costly and time-consuming retrofits, ensure optimal functionality, and create spaces that meet their creative needs from day one.

Don’t let improper planning cast a shadow over your theater project. Consult with LightAStage early, and together, we’ll ensure a seamless, well-lit, and dust-free journey from conception to performance.

High School – Multi-Purpose Performance Space
Atlanta, GA

Case Study: 02

Video Walls – Getting Correct Pixel Pitch

Correcting Course – A Pixel Pitch Predicament

Challenge: A local school theatre was in the process of completing a theatre overhaul. They sought the advice of architects to install a video wall that would elevate their performances and overall ambiance. However, a near misstep occurred during the purchasing phase – they were advised to buy a video wall with an incorrect pixel pitch that would negatively impact the intended viewing experience.

Solution: Recognizing the importance of resolving this issue promptly, the theatre turned to our expertise at Light A Stage. We assessed the situation, thoroughly understanding the client’s goals and requirements. We swiftly identified the pixel pitch discrepancy and recommended a suitable replacement video wall with the correct pixel pitch to align with their stage size and audience viewing distance.

Outcome: The proper selection of the video wall significantly enhanced the theatre’s visual impact during performances. Audience members could now enjoy crisp, clear visuals, enhancing their engagement and immersion. The correction improved the theatre’s technological setup and demonstrated the significance of precise advice and the right equipment for an optimal theatre experience.

Lesson Learned: This case underscores the critical role a knowledgeable consultant plays in a project. It’s vital to thoroughly understand the specifications and requirements of visual technologies to ensure the correct selection and execution. Collaborating with experienced consultants can save time, and resources, and ultimately create an enriched audience experience, aligning technology seamlessly with artistic endeavors.

Local School Theatre
Atlanta, GA

Case Study: 03

Incorrect Power Allocation for Usage

Powering the Performance – Correcting Power Allocation Woes

Challenge: A prominent theatre eagerly awaited the unveiling of its upgraded lighting system, but excitement turned to dismay when it became evident that the contractor had incorrectly allocated power for the new setup. The power distribution was inadequate and mismatched, hindering the seamless operation of the advanced lighting technologies the theatre had invested in.

Solution: Seeking a swift and precise resolution, the theatre management engaged Light A Stage to help problem-solve. Our experts immediately conducted a thorough assessment of the existing power allocation and identified the deficiencies. Collaborating closely with the theatre’s technical team, we designed and implemented a precise power distribution plan that aligned with the lighting requirements, ensuring optimal functionality.

Outcome: The corrected power allocation revitalized the theatre’s lighting system, allowing the new technologies to operate at full potential. The performances were now powered flawlessly, with no disruptions or limitations. The theatre staff regained confidence in their lighting setup, providing a seamless and immersive experience for both the artists and the audience.

Lesson Learned: This case serves as a reminder of the critical role that proper power allocation plays in the success of a lighting project. Attention to detail and working closely with skilled professionals like Light A Stage are essential to ensure a harmonized power distribution that supports a lighting system’s full potential, enhancing the overall theatrical experience. With expertise and precision, potential power pitfalls can be turned into opportunities for a seamless and electrifying performance.

Woefully Underpowered
Atlanta, GA

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